Account and Financial Management Journal   publishes original research dealing with international aspects of financial management and reporting, banking and financial services, auditing and taxation.

The Journal endeavors to balance the coverage of both international and domestic issues.

AFMJ  initiates and fosters discussion on issues that significantly contribute to the disciplines of accounting and finance, with emphasis on the implications of these disciplines in the ongoing globalization process in the 21st century. The journal's emphasis on the inter-dependencies of accounting and finance reflects the increasing complexity of corporate financial management in recent years, and verifies the importance of understanding accounting and finance from an international context.

AFMJ keeps you up-to-date with new developments and emerging trends. The Journal is also the official journal of The International Association for Accounting Education and Research.

The purpose of the Journal is to publish rigorous, original articles dealing with the management of the multinational enterprise. Theoretical, conceptual, and empirical papers providing meaningful insights into the subject areas will be considered.

About US

AFMJ journals  are published without restriction to the global community. We strongly believe that the open access model will spur researches across the world especially in developing nations as researchers gain unrestricted access to high quality research articles.

Our mission is to promote research awareness and compatibility through a concise and methodical interface, subsequently we spread our hands for all categories of learners from different arenas of education.

Account and Financial Management Journal  is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal, publishing original research, reports, reviews and commentaries on all areas of finance and accounting

Subjects (AFMJ)

Accountancy and Finance                                                Audit

Banking Research Studies                                                Business Administration

Capital Markets                                                                 Classical Economics

Computable General Equilibrium Model                     Corporate Finance

Corporate Governance Structure                                   Economic Cycle

Economic Transparency                                                   Economic indicator

Electronic Commerce                                                        Elements of Management

Hospitality Management                                                Industrial and Management Optimization

International Business                                                        International finance

Management                                                                         Management Accounting

Marketing management                                                    Public Administration

Regulation and Management                                           Statistics

Stock Market Returns                                                        Voluntary Administration


















            DOI ETJ : 10.18535/etj

      DOI AFMJ : 10.18535/afmj

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