Prearrangement for Reviewers

Reviewers play a central role in publishing. Everant trusts on the peer review process to uphold the quality and validity of single articles and the journals that publish them. We’re always working to improve and modernize the peer review process.

We know how difficult it can be to find and keep reviewers, and encourage them to meet deadlines.  Everant Publishers can help reviewers by giving them the guidance, information and support they need to carry out the best review possible. With detailed reviewer guidelines, and information on ethics and policies.

Operating with reviewers

Reviewers are often in little source. To make sure you work well with your reviewers, and get the best reviews possible, there are some simple things you can do.

  • Reviewers are under considerable time pressure, so it’s best not to take up their time with manuscripts to review that are of such poor quality they could be rejected outright.
  • Reviewers would like to know the final editorial decision of the paper, and see other reviewers’ comments
  • You can enable this functionality in Everant Editorial System– to switch it on for your journals
  • Reviewers are grateful for efforts, however small, to show appreciation of their work
  • You can recognize reviewers with certificates and annual listings in the journal
  • Reviewers benefit from having information and guidance from the start of the review process, including timely and useful reminders
  • Establish a peer review policy outlining what is expected of reviewers
  • Develop a set of clear reviewer guidelines
  • Include deadlines in the reviewer invitation letter
  • Set up automatic reminders for reviewers and customize reviewer letters to include relevant information

Finding reviewers 

Finding new reviewers and keeping good ones can be challenging; here are some of the ways

Identify potential reviewers :You can see their published work, citation histories and who their co-authors were.

Create a reviewer classifications list for your journal, so you can match manuscripts to the right reviewer according to their area of expertise.

Build a database of relevant reviewers


Try to select reviewers who are doing research in a related area – they are more likely to find the paper relevant and interesting, and therefore respond promptly. They will also be able to spot missing references and other shortcomings.
Make use of editorial board members for reviewing, and consider rotating off board members who do not review regularly.

Check the journal’s recent authors
– the best reviewers are often early career researchers who have recently published in the journal. 


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