Keywords: shopping areas, parking facilities, logistic regression

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This study aims to find out and analyze what factors influence the drivers' willingness to use the parking lot in a shopping area in Banjarmasin City and to propose a discussion about fulfilling parking eligibility in accordance with the needs of the parking area users in a shopping area in Banjarmasin. The variables reviewed were non-independent variables such as the willingness to park the vehicles, and independent variables such as parking fee, area availability, entry and exit access, security, cleanliness, availability of signs, lighting, officer performance, number of officers, and parking shade. To get the influential factors, the method used was logistic regression analysis. From the results of the analysis, it was found that the influencing factors were the area availability, entry and exit access, security, lighting, officer performance and parking shade. The fulfillment of parking eligibility according to the user needs in the shopping area of Banjarmasin City is the available and adequate area for parking which can provide entry and exit doors to facilitate vehicles entering and exiting parking locations, increasing security with the placement of security officers and CCTV, lighting by using street lights. In terms of performance, the officers can prioritize their role to regulate the vehicle parking, especially for four-wheeled vehicles, and in terms of parking shade, natural facilities can be used such as trees or artificial means in the form of adequate protective construction.



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