Keywords: Marine Biomass; macroalgae; Pyrolysis; Thermogravimetric Analysis Kinetic analysis.

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Macroalgae could be significant marine biomass resource for the production of numerous energy carriers including biofuels. In this research work, the kinetic characteristics of a red macroalgae, (Gelidium sesquipedale) as a model for marine biomass were evaluated and compared at heating rates of 2, 10, 20 and 50 °C min-1 under an inert atmosphere. The results indicated that three stages appeared during pyrolys is, moisture evaporation, primary devolatilization and residual decomposition. The heating rates slightly affect the decomposition properties of Gelidium sesquipedale; with the heating rates increasing, the maximum peak of weight lossrate shifted to higher temperatures. The Friedman isoconventional method was used to obtain the kinetic parameters from data of the pyrolysis reactions of in the second zone. The average activation energy of Gelidium sesquipedale was 228,45±7 kJ mol-1.These data provideinformation for further application for designing and modelling in thermo chemical conversion system of Gelidium sesquipedale.



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