Keywords: Industrial facilities, storage tanks, dynamic analysis, time history analysis, parametric seismic assessment, Seismic Risk Assessment

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In the past, various damages have been observed in large number of industrial facilities during the experienced earthquakes. Different than the residential buildings, damages in industrial facilities have a significant direct influence on the economy and production in the countries. Industrial storage tanks, ruptured by earthquates, exascerbate damage through the spread of fire. Storage tanks are uniquely structured, tall cylindrical vessels, some supported by relatively short reinforced concrete columns, some supported by the ground. The aim of this study is to evaluate the seismic performance of storage tank structures in industrial facilities. The seismic performance assessment and estimation were carried out through time history analyses with various ground motion data set. After the time history analyses, a parametric approach was carried out by considering various geometrical properties during the structural investigation. With different geometry, structural behavior of storage tanks have been parametrically evaluated. Model tank structures were analyzed with their solid models with lumped mass and spring systems. For the model structures, analyses results were evaluated and compared.



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