EP Publishing Agreement

The EP Publishing Agreement is a result of EP ongoing efforts to provide the best possible publishing experience for our authors. That experience includes efficient online manuscript submission; rapid, responsible peer review and publication; global distribution and now, extensive author use rights.

EP Copyright Status Form:

  • The agreement specifically addresses what authors can do with different versions of their manuscript — e.g. use in theses and collections, teaching and training, conference presentations, sharing with colleagues, and posting on Web sites and repositories. The terms under which these uses can occur are clearly identified to prevent misunderstandings that could expose final publication of a manuscript
  • The agreement clarifies that the transfer of copyright in Supporting Information is nonexclusive. Authors may use or authorize the use of Supporting Information in which they hold copyright for any purpose and in any format.
  • Behaviors expected of EP authors are more fully addressed throughout the agreement

The first, EP Author Choice, provides you or your funding agencies the opportunity to sponsor immediate, unrestricted online access to your final published article. The other is EP Articles on Request, which allows convenient, free distribution of your published journal article via author-directed links that are provided to you upon Web publication of your article