Title: Long Term Objective of Kosovo Pension Saving Trust Investments

Authors: Ymer Havolli

 DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.31142/afmj/v3i5.04

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About The Authors  

1University of Prishtina, Economic Faculty and Chairman of the Governing Board of Kosovo Pension Savings Fund



After the 2007-2008 crisis financial markets have enjoyed a long period of recovery with some short term stress periods along the way. In the face of this sustained appreciation of financial assets (bonds and equities) a correction was long overdue. This correction has just happened this year in late January – early February of 2018. The latest turmoil in financial markets is not to be compared with the 2008 financial crisis, since the banking system is liquid and big corporations are well balanced with strong balance sheets. Much of the correction is believed to have already occurred, and while in the coming weeks there might be an additional small decline to close the correction, the performance is expected to stabilize and return to positive territory for the year. These expectations are based on the fact that international institutions are emphasizing that developed economies are showing macro-economic stability.


            DOI ETJ : 10.31142/etj

      DOI AFMJ : 10.31142/afmj

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