Title: Impact of Brexit to Security and Key Areas in the EU and UK

Authors: Marko Stevovic

 DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.18535/afmj/v3i1.04

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Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration, University Metropolitan, Belgrade, Serbia



This paper examines possible impacts of Brexit on the remaining EU Member States from the aspect of security, with a view to the impact on politics, economy and finance industry. A final version of an agreement that would define the conditions of the UK's withdrawal from the EU will take a total of two years. The process is complex, time-consuming and requires the engagement of multidisciplinary teams of experts. There are a number of options for how the UK's withdrawal from the EU can be completed. The conducted research is current and challenging; because it is based on a series of negotiating positions that are ongoing and/or still need to be started. The main goal of this paper is to analyze and review possible impacts of Brexit to security mater and other fields, which are key and significant for EU, as politic, economy and finance industry.


            DOI ETJ : 10.31142/etj

      DOI AFMJ : 10.31142/afmj

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