Volume 1 issue 2 (2016)

Title: Virgin Group Success Businesses: Diversification, and Key Strengths

Authors : Zana Majed Sadq

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Title: Monitoring :- A Perfect Solution For Checking NPA

Authors : Ashok Kumar

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Title: Earnings Management And Board Characteristics: Evidence From French Listed Firms

Authors : Olfa Daghsni[i]; Mighri Zouhayer*[ii] and Karim Bel Hadj Mbarek[iii]

Title: An Empirical Comperism Of School Achievement Between Unity And Non-Unity Schools In The North Western Senetorial District Of Nigeria: The Role Of Principals And Teachers Leadership Accountability

Authors : Khalil Yusuf Uthman(Phd Candidte), Associate Professor Da Yahya Bn Don


            DOI ETJ : 10.31142/etj

      DOI AFMJ : 10.31142/afmj

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      Impact Factor: 2016



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